Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Library Loot: August 4 - 10

Library Loot is a weekly event co-hosted alternatively by Marg and Claire that encourages bloggers to share the books they’ve checked out from the library. If you’d like to participate, just write up your post-feel free to steal the button-and link it using the Mr. Linky (at Claire's this week) any time during the week. And of course check out what other participants are getting from their libraries!

City of Ghosts by Stacia Kane

I HAD to get my hands on City of Ghosts this week. I just finished Unholy Magic but didn't have any money in the budget to buy it and low and behold my local library had a copy in! Score! If you haven't read this series yet you've got to get the first book, Unholy Ghosts.

Lastly, in preparation for my upcoming vacation to the Big Easy I thought I'd do some homework:

Also, Claire and Marg are looking for submissions for a new badge for Library Loot. You can find out all about it here.

I love the badge I created but it's a little larger than most people would probably want. But I'm going to continue using it here as I think it goes pretty well with my blog theme! I'm looking forward to working on some new Library Loot buttons to sumbit for consideration using the parameters that Claire and Marg have set forth.

Happy Reading!


  1. I'm eagerly awaiting The Feed from the library. Enjoy your loot!

  2. Ooh, I so want to read I Am Number Four. I also can't wait to see the movie next year.

    I loved Instant Temptation so I'm looking forward to seeing what you think on that one.

    Great haul sweets! Happy reading!

  3. How are you liking the Downside Ghosts? City of Ghosts is the best of the 3 I think! I can't wait to see what you think of Vampire Academy, I love that series. Dimitri is quite enjoyable:)

  4. The New Orleans books look really interesting! I've never visited, but it's a city that's always fascinated me.

    Can't wait to see what you come up with for the button design!

    Enjoy your loot!

  5. Hi Mollie!
    What fantastic loot you got! You must have a well stocked library. I don't think I could get half that at mine.

    I'm hoping my library gets Forget Her Nots. I've had my eye on that one for a while.

    I think you should still submit your Library Loot button. You can always scale it down a little smaller... I think the writing would still be legible and it's very colorful and sports a lot of books!

    Enjoy your loot!

  6. I agree about the button! Nice and colorful! VA was great I enjoyed it and can;t wait to dive in to #2. Going to check out City of Ghosts now! Thanks for stopping by!

  7. I haven't read any of your "loot." Happy reading!

  8. Both those NOLA nonfic books caught my eye!

  9. I read and loved the entire Vampire Academy series, hope you enjoy them as much as I did. Haven't read any of the others but I look forward to hearing your thoughts on them!
    I also wanted to let you know that I passed you a blogging award, here:

  10. @Linda thanks for stopping by! I've heard great things about Feed, looking forward to it!

    @Rowena, I kinda for got about it! I read the other 2 books but forgot to get this one when it came out! Oops! I always love the friends to lovers storyline! :)

    @Clair, I LOVE NOLA. I can't wait to visit again! It's such a unique city! I'm having fun messing around with the buttons. :D

    @Jenny, I'm loving the Downside series. Didn't get any reading in this weekend b/c of the Irish Fest but I'm about halfway through City of Ghosts. LOVE Terrible and Chess :D

  11. @Christine, I actually reserve a lot of the books I list on library loot. But my branch usually has a really great selection, especially YA books!

    @Tampabookworm I'm looking forward to Vampire Academy. One of my friends reccommended it and we have the same reading tastes, so I'm hopeful! The Downside Ghost series is awesome I hope you check it out!

    @Alison, Thanks for stopping by!

    @Eva, I don't normally read a lot of non-fic but I wanted some NOLA history! It's pretty good so far!

  12. Becky, glad to hear more praise of the VA series! Thanks for the award! :D


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