Monday, August 16, 2010

Big Easy Bound

I will be absent for the next week or so. On Wednesday I'm leaving for New Orleans will be down there until Monday the 23rd visiting a friend. I wasn't organized enough to have some posts set up to publish while I was gone. And the next couple of days I'll be busy packing and shopping for last minute stuff.

This will be my second trip to NOLA. My first trip I was only there for a weekend so this will be a longer stay. Just looked up the weather. According to the 10 day forecast it's going to be 90 degrees and scattered thunderstorms the whole time I'm there. Gotta remember to pack an umbrella! See y'all when I return!

Pirate's Alley from my 2008 trip!


  1. I hope you have some fun even with the rainy weather, I love NOLA!! =)

  2. I hope you have a really great time!

  3. ohhh, vacation time! Awesome! Have fun in NOLA! And the weather might clear up, you never know :D

    Psst - who's organized enough to have posts ready to publish while absent? :P


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