Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Review: Wild Man Creek by Robyn Carr

Colin Riordan came to Virgin River to recuperate from a horrific helicopter crash, the scars of which he bears inside and out. His family is wonderfully supportive, but it's his art that truly soothes his troubled soul.

Stung personally and professionally by an ill-advised affair, PR guru Jillian Matlock has rented an old Victorian with a promising garden in Virgin River. She's looking forward to cultivating something other than a corporate brand.
Both are looking to simplify, not complicate, their lives, but when Jillian finds Colin at his easel in her yard, there's an instant connection. And in Virgin River, sometimes love is the simplest choice of all…
Wild Man Creek is easily one of my favorite installments of Virgin River series. That's saying a lot, considering there are thirteen books (including novellas)!

We met our heroine, Jillian, in Promise Canyon she, along with her sister Kelly and two of her best friends, happened to stop in Virgin River on their way back from their week long girls vacation. Jillian fell in love with a huge Victorian House that reminded her of her Nana and felt like home. Months later, after Jillian has been betrayed by her boyfriend and forced to take a leave of absence from her high stress job, she finds herself drawn back to Virgin River and the house that felt like home.

There she discovers a passion for gardening the rare fruits and vegetables that her Nana once harvested. Whereas most people garden as a hobby, Jillian's drive and passion turn it into something more. Something that she think may, one day, make a promising business venture.

Enter, Colin Roirdian. The sexy, scruffy ex-pilot, current painter shows up, with easel in hand in the back yard of Jillian's new temporary home. Colin is taking a breather in Virgin River after recovering from a near fatal helicopter crash followed by rehab for his addiction to his prescription pain meds. Unfortunately, his career in the armed forces has been cut short. Colin's accident has given him the time and opportunity to focus on his wildlife painting, however he does not intend to give up flying for good. He plans to, after his stint in Virgin River, to travel to Africa to photograph wildlife to use in his future paintings as well as investigate any flying opportunities abroad.

Jillian and Colin's attraction is immediate and their relationship progresses quickly. Surprisingly, there's little drama where there was potential for it. Jillian was betrayed by her previous boyfriend which could easily have made for trust issues. Jillian doesn't demand Colin forgo Africa for her. It was refreshing to see Jillian encourage Colin's pursuit of his dreams and goals. Both parties know going into their relationship that it has an expiration date. Jillian will eventually have to give up her gardening to return to the corporate world and Colin has his African safari planned. Or can they build a new life, together, in Virgin River?

I love, love, loved Wild Man Creek. I loved Jillian and Colin's relationship, while not perfect, it was loving and supportive with out a lot of drama where drama could easily have complicated their relationship.  As I've said before, and will likely continue to say in all my reviews of Virgin River books they're my warm fuzzy reads. When I need to feel like all is right with the world, I can always visit Virgin River for uplifting stories about friends, family, love, and community.


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Disclosure: I received this as a digital ARC through NetGalley. I did not receive any compensation for this review.


  1. Sounds good! But I'm kind of lost with the Virgin River books these days, I only read a couple way back at the beginning so now... lol. Still Sounds great, made me want to pick up the series again.

  2. Alex, yes there are a TON of VR books! It's one of the series I keep up on! With so many books in the series there are definitely going to be some that miss the mark but this one was excellent!

  3. Wooohooo, Mollie! Great review :) I'm just soooo glad you enjoyed this book. I agree with you, it's definitively one of the better ones in the VR series. I'd say 2nd favorite for me, after VR :P

    I just love Jill. She was a great heroine, the energy she gave off. It's hard not to love such a woman :) I think people next to her would find her enthusiasm contagious.

    And I love the romance between Jill and Colin. You're right, no drama... but sometimes, that's what you need :) I love it that she encouraged him to pursue his dreams and loved that he came back for her :)

  4. Nath, This was just a winner all around! Jillian was definitely a wonderful heroine! I hope Harvest Moon is up to snuff too!


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