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Reveiw: Promise Canyon by Robyn Carr

After years spent on ranches around Los Angeles, Clay Tahoma is delighted to be Virgin River’s new veterinary assistant. The secluded community’s wild beauty tugs at his Navajo roots, and he’s been welcomed with open arms by everyone in town—everyone except Lilly Yazhi.
Lilly has encountered her share of strong, silent, traditional men within her own aboriginal community, and she’s not interested in coming back for more. In her eyes, Clay’s earthy, sexy appeal is just an act used to charm wealthy women like his ex-wife. She can’t deny his gift for gentling horses, but she’s not about to let him control her. There’s just one small problem—she can’t control her attraction to Clay.
But in Virgin River, faith in new beginnings and the power of love has doors opening everywhere...
Promise Canyon is book 10 (13 counting novellas) in Robyn Carr's Virgin River series, the first in the latest trilogy which is followed by Wild Man Creek and Harvest Moon. Like any series with so many installments there will be books that are better than others and Promise Canyon isn't one of my favorites nor is it my least favorite. It falls somewhere in the middle.

Virgin River reminds me very much of the Black Dagger Brotherhood series, not in content or genre but because of the multiple story arcs, recurring characters, and character development over time. However, Promise Canyon introduces us to a new hero and heroine and I found it harder to get into.

I did enjoy the main relationship but I just didn't feel as connected to the characters as I have in the past. In Promise Canyon both main characters are Native Americans but from different tribes. Clay is Navajo and Lilly is Hopi. Lilly, having been jaded at a very young age by another Navajo is determined to avoid the new Native veterinary assistant, but Clay has other plans.

Clay patiently befriends and eventually worms his way into Lilly's heart. Lilly is resistant to her attraction to Clay and allows her past to cloud her judgement of the man Clay is, unfairly, comparing him to a reckless Navajo boy who once broke her heart. Clay is wonderful hero, sexy, steadfast. Not in the least bit tortured. Just a good guy with some baggage in the form of an ex-wife who eventually shows up to add additional conflict to Clay and Lilly's relationship.

In Promise Canyon, Virgin River says good bye to one of their own and also welcomes new faces who will, no doubt, one day star in their very own Virgin River adventure. While not my favorite in the series, Promise Canyon advances the series and is, overall, a good addition to the series. Every time I review one of these books I use the same description, because it's always true; Robyn Carr's Virgin River series is always heartwarming and uplifting.


Disclosure: I received this as a digital ARC through NetGalley. I did not receive any compensation for this review.

The series in order:
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  1. This sounds sweet, albeit perhaps not the best book I've heard of. That said, I do like the overall sound of this series. Fabulous honest review, Mollie :)

  2. I understand that sometimes, the characters are more guarded based on past experiences, but sometimes, it's so annoying.

    Maybe one day, I'll do more than just skim through it ^_^; But for now, I have to say, I don't really feel like reading, reading it. I think I'd feel the same way as you, but the grading would be worst ^_^;

  3. I've read one book in this series. LOL Virgin River. So I told myself I couldn't buy any more until I'm caught up.

  4. @Melissa, It's a great series over all, you might give it a try! This was, in my opinion, one of the weaker books though.

    @nath, Yes I'd probably just move on. I did LOVE the next book, Wild Man Creek, still have to write my review though. So behind!!!!

    @ames, I really love this series over all hope you continue with it! But you will have a lot of catching up to do!!! :D


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