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Review: Night Betrayed by Joss Ware

The Change that devastated the earth made Theo Waxnicki something more than human-eternally young and beautiful...but not immortal. When he dies on a mission against the Strangers, he is lost to the darkness...until a miraculous healer brings him back.

Born as the world fell to ruins, Selena has dedicated her life to easing others' pain. Her tender touch awakens new life in Theo-and new desire. But joined together in a world of terrors, the lovers' secret pasts make them vulnerable to danger. And love is the deadliest trap of all.
Night Betrayed, the fourth book in Joss Ware’s post-apocalyptic romance series, is yet another enjoyable installment. This book tells Theo’s story. I enjoyed Theo in most of the other books and was eagerly anticipating his story. However, he was rather irritating in Sage’s book, Embrace the Night Eternal. But he returns to being the Theo readers have come to know and love.

I think Theo is one of my favorite characters because he’s from before The Change and is able to bridge the gap of today’s world that readers are familiar with this “brave new world”. The Change also did something to Theo so that he has hardly aged in the decades following the end of the world. 

So he has the mind and experience of an elderly man in the body of a thirty-something studmuffin in his prime. I was afraid his love interest would be too young and would creep me out. For example, I find some the vampire stories a little creepy especially when a hundred year old vampire is romantically involved with a teenager. There’s just something inherently WRONG with that. Yuck.

Ware has a lot more sense than some authors *cough*StephanieMeyer*cough* in that aspect, Theo’s love interest is a mature woman, while still much younger than Theo it’s a more respectable difference. I found it amusing when Selena kept harping about how much younger Theo was than her and he kept making comments about not being as young as he looked, what a smart ass. I loved the banter between Theo and Selena even when the shit hits the fan and faced with extreme situations and personal loss there's always a bright side and neither were whiny or pessimistic. Theo and Selena had excellent chemistry and I thought this was an excellent installment to the story, if a bit more somber given Selena’s gift of helping those close to death move on earning her the name Death Lady.

Also a bit grim is Remy’s experience. I really hope she gets a bangin’ HEA. Night Betrayed sets us up for what I assume is her story in the next book, however given her experience in Night Betrayed, I wouldn’t be surprised if her book isn’t until further in the series. I’m wondering who her hero is, Wyatt? I don’t think it’s Ian. Thoughts from anyone else reading this series?

Something I’ve noticed about this series is that, for the most, I’ve enjoyed each installment but I haven’t loved any of the h/h combos but I still find that this is one of the series that, overall, I truly enjoy. Ware has built a world filled with danger, adventure, and a slew of unanswered questions that keeps readers coming back for more.


Disclosure: I received this as a digital ARC through NetGalley. I did not receive any compensation for this review.

The series in order:


  1. Post-apocalyptic romance?! That's a new one for me, and I'd pick it up based on that alone! Great review, Mollie! I like when a female MC is actually mature and not a drag like someone that rhymes with Smella Bwan. :)

  2. I need to read these books, you keep saying how enjoyable they are and I keep not reading them because I suck at life. I'm going to get to them, I swear! Fabulous review Mollie:)

  3. Melissa, I know I was pumped when I originally heard about the series. There's another post-apocalyptic romance series coming this summer from "Ellen Connor" which is the pseudonym for the duo Ann Aguirre and Carrie Lofty!

    Jenny, You totally suck at life! These are really enjoyable. But I'm also a sucker for post-apocalyptic stuff...AND romance. So, you know it was going to be a hit for me! I'd love to hear what you think when you decide to really embrace life and READ THEM! ;)


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