Thursday, January 13, 2011

Reading Recap: 2010

Here it is, my reading recap for 2010 highlighting my favorite and least favorite books of the year. I begin with the bad, just to get it out of the way. Followed by my list of favorites; categories include Favorite New Series, YA, Romance, and I end with my favorite book of the year.

Any guesses on that one?! I'll give you a hint: J to the motherfucking M! Ahem, pardon my French. Without further ado:

Disappointing Reads

Favorite New Series

Young Adult

My Most Excellent Year by Steve Kluger


Favorite Book of the Year

Any of these make anyone else's top picks for 2010?


  1. JOHN MATTHEW!!!! His book was brilliant:) I'll have to read Proof by Seduction since I enjoyed Unveiled so much. Anyone know when we're getting more Terrible? I'm ready for more Terrible!

  2. Interesting! :D
    LOL, I actually liked Jane, but I Was on the mood for it when I read it :D

    As of JM, I sort of read the book, but skimmed a lot because I never liked Xhex. :P

  3. If I Stay! I loved that book and I cannot wait for Where She Went.

  4. I really liked Proof by Seduction. I think I was just in the mood when I read it, because it worked on all levels.

  5. Nice recap, Mollie!!

    I'm so glad My Most Excellent Year made it in your list!!! Especially given the number of YA you've read... but then, yes, it was so very good LOL :P

    LOL, Kristie is probably jumping of joy at the sight of Broken and the Joss Ware series :P

    Soooo.... Lover Mine? :P

  6. @Jenny JM all the way. Sigh. I LOVE him. And LM had Qhuinn and Blay... SIGH. :D Yes, you need to read Proof by Seduction! It's good, as is it's sequel! Courtney Milan is fast becoming one of my fav authors!

    @AnimeGirl, I seem to be one of the few who didn't care much for Jane. I found it flat and just didn't work for me, but I'm clearly in the minority! OMG I LOVED JM's book. I wasn't a HUGE Xhex fan but I thought Ward did an amazing job and I really ended up loving Xhex after all! Also LM had a bunch of Qhuinn and Blay. GO TEAM QHUAY! :D

    @Wena Me either! Did you see they're making a movie version of If I Stay?!

    @Holly Have you read the sequel, Trial by Desire? It was good too, not as good as Proof by Seduction, but good! And they have Unveiled on Netgalley!

    @Nath Yes I think MMEY was one of may favorite books, period. :D Yes, Kristie would be proud! :D Along with Courtney Milan, Judith James is becoming one of my fav. authors. I'm hoping to get my review of Libertine's Kiss up later today or early next week! LOVER MINE, yes. I've been waiting for JM's book since we first met him. And Ward did NOT disappoint!

  7. I am TOTALLY with you on Downside Ghosts, Disillusionists and Lover Mine! SQUEE!!!

  8. I'm looking forward to reading the Unholy Ghost series! You've got a bunch of awesome books here! Clockwork Angel is amazing.! I'm still debating with myself whether I liked Jem more or Will. I think both or Will but I like Jem too. Argh! The Dilemma! :D

    Lovely blog btw! Your layout is making me hungry! I'll be following xD

  9. Aww man, see I didn't like JM's book as much I wanted to! I think it's because I really missed the actual brothers. And, I don't know, I wanted more for JM. I loved him the entire series.

    Oh, and I did not like Mind Games (though I did like it whenever they said nemesis).

    Fear not, we seemed to have disliked the very same books! See, not so different after all!

  10. I loved Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare, it was amazing!!!

  11. If I Stay has to be one of my favorite all time books! Great list, thanks :-)

  12. I see some of your favorites in my TBR pile. I'll have to move them up. And isn't the BDB such a guilty pleasure? I love them!

  13. I did see that! Who do you think is going to play Mia now that Dakota Fanning is out? Who do you want to play Mia?


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