Monday, July 12, 2010

Review: Embrace the Night Eternal by Joss Ware

Everything they knew is gone.

From the raging fires, five men emerge with extraordinary new powers. They must learn how to survive this dark, ravaged world . . . but they cannot do it alone.

Simon Japp will never forget his violent past. But when civilization is all but destroyed, he sees his chance for redemption. Blessed with a strange "gift," he's determined to help the resistance against the Strangers, the mysterious force that stalks them at every turn. He can't afford to get distracted, even by the stunning, soft-spoken woman fighting by his side . . . Sage Corrigan has learned to be careful where she places her trust. But she sees something good in Simon, even if he can't see it in himself. Posing as lovers to infiltrate a group key to their fight, they find that their staged affection soon develops into a desire that will leave them fighting for their lives in the night eternal.

I really enjoyed the first installment of this series and immensely enjoyed this book. I still think the romance aspect is a little lacking but I love, love the world Ware has built.

This book is about Simon Japp who is truly an outsider. He was an outsider in his life before the global disaster all but obliterated the Earth, and when he awakes 50 years later to this post-apocalyptic world he is the outsider among the other men who also experienced this mysterious Rip Van Winkle number. I'm always a sucker for tortured heroes and Simon has quite a past. I think he really made this book for me. Although, I kinda felt like we didn't quite get all his past. We learn about his violent past, as the right hand man for one of Vegas' biggest mobsters, but we never really learned how he got into that position. At least, I don't remember if this was explained. I read this a few weeks ago and am just now getting to review it.

So anyone else who's read this series did we find out how Simon ended up entangled with the mob? When reading I kept thinking, there's something more to this story. Something about his childhood or upbringing that we're missing. So, Kristie(j), you're the one who turned me on to this series. Do you remember? I'm pretty sure we didn't get that info. In any case, I felt like if I had just a little bit more about his background it would have made it a little more satisfying.

I really liked the heroine Sage who, because of her heritage, is also an outsider. Judged because of where she comes from. I thought she and Simon made a good pair.

I was a little miffed with Theo in this one. I was really intrigued by him in the first book and he was kind of a dope to Sage in this book. But I'm still looking forward to his book.

All in all, a good second book. I'm impressed by the world building but still wish for a pinch more smexy lovin'.

The Envy Chronicles in order:

  1. Beyond the Night
  2. Embrace the Night Eternal
  3. Abandon the Night



  1. Casee is reading and loving this series. I have all of the books in the series but no desire to start them. Something is wrong with me.

  2. It's been a while since I read this one and I read the next one since too so I don't remember too much of his past and how he got involved with the mob. From what I remember, he kind of just gravitated towards them and turned out to be very good at what he did.
    I'm glad you are enjoying this series!! I was surprised at how much I've enjoyed them so far. Although yes, the romance could use a bit more, the world building is so great it takes up the slack. I'm pretty sure the author will be at RWA so I'm looking forward to meeting her again

  3. Wena,

    They're really good, but I'm kind of biased in favor of anything dystopian/post-apocalyptic!

    While reading it I just thought there was more to his back story than Ware even went into. Like I remember a few instances that seemed to indicate something about his childhood or how he grew up but then that was never flushed out. Perhaps it was just my imagination or me reading too much into it! Saw you had a good time at RomCon! Hope you have fun at RWA too! Thanks again for tipping me off to this series!


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