Thursday, July 22, 2010

Library Love: Link Round-up

There have been a lot of great library related articles and videos recently so I figured I'd round up some of them in a post.

No doubt you've all seen the sexy Old Spice's spokesman video on libraries:

But have you seen BYU's spoof "New Spice Study Like a Scholar, Scholar", promoting it's libraries?

In the same vein, the librarians at the University of Washington do their own rendition of Lady Gaga's Poker Face. Haha, this kills me! I love it!

Next up is the NPR article predicting that libraries will be the next big pop culture wave.

The article references several other recent library related articles including the unfortunate Fox affiliate piece on Chicago libraries and the Library Commissioner, Mary Dempsey's response. Go Mary! It also referenced a Vanity Fair article responding to the Fox news piece as well.

Marilyn Johnson, who recently visited Estella's Revenge to discuss her new book and the importance of libraries, wrote a touching piece for the L.A. Times. On July 20th the L.A. Times highlighted the third reduction in library services since December.

The New Yorker discusses Stanford's "bookless library", wherein the physical books have disappeared to be replaced by digital versions.

Whew! And this isn't even the half of it folks, seems like every time I open a newspaper or a news website there's some article about library budget cuts. To keep up with latest library news and advocacy, there are several websites you might want to consider bookmarking including:

American Library Association's Office for Library Advocacy
Geek the Library
I Love Libraries
Losing Libraries
Save Libraries

Then there are sweet stories like this that was posted to my library's Facebook wall yesterday:

Too incredibly sweet - a young customer from the Dublin Branch recently donated her lemonade stand profits so we could purchase Chinese children's books. The
profit was $14.31 and she plans to continue selling lemonade to help us buy more
books. Our customers continue to impress us on a daily basis.
How friggin' sweet is that?! *tear*


  1. The Lady Gaga librarians are hilarious!!! Thanks for the videos. The definitely made me smile!

  2. Yay you reading Unholy Ghosts! I hope you like it as much as I did. I was worried I wouldn't because whenever a book gets good reviews from everyone I expect a lot out of it and it's hard to live up to my expectations. But this series is good:) Unholy Magic is better than Unholy Ghosts so I hope City of Ghosts continues that trend tomorrow! You'll have to let me know what you think when you're done:)


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