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The Evolving Reader

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After starting up the blog again, I got to thinking about how my reading habits and tastes have changed over the years.

When I started my first blog, Biblioharlot's Bookshelf, I was reading mostly YA, I was still in college and still identified with a lot of the issues and themes addressed in YA lit.

Gradually, I began delving into the romance genre. This was during graduate school when I had a ton of reading to do for school and wanted light, easy reads that all ended happily. Romances are always good for an HEA!

Currently, I find:
  • I'm getting too far removed from being a teen that I seem to have difficulty enjoying contemporary YA fiction. I'm still good with sci-fi/fantasy YA though.
  •  I'm reading less romance. I have a few authors that I always look forward to their books, Jill Shalvis and Kristan Higgins are at the top of my list. 
  • I'm gravitating more toward mystery, urban fantasy, and sci-fi/fantasy.

As far as my reading habits went, I hated not finishing books. Even if I wasn't enjoying it. I was determined to finish everything I began reading. I found, however, that this often led to reading slumps. If I wasn't enjoying a book that I wouldn't quit, I just avoided it. I also didn't read more than one book at a time. Hence, a reading slump.

Both of these reading habits have changed for me. Somewhere along the line I realized life was too short to waste reading something you didn't enjoy. I still feel a little guilty when I give up on a book but I do give up on books now. I also read more than one book at a time but so far it's usually only two books at a time.

I've also listened to more audio books over the years. Audible and the library make it really easy to listen with apps for my phone!  Also, e-books are amazing. Don't get me wrong I love me some actual books but e-books have made traveling and reading so much easier. Not to mention if I get them from the library, no fines!

Things that have always remained pretty constant in my reading habits:
  • Not lending out personal copies of my books. People dog ear them, spill shit on them, lose them, etc.. I just don't lend books. That's what the library is for. 
  • Utilizing the library - Free books, e-book, and audio books? D'uh. No brainer.  
  • Reading books in order. If a book is part of a series I HAVE to read them in order. I remember one time, years ago, being half way through an SEP novel before realizing it wasn't the first book. I had to stop and go back to read the previous book before I could finish it.  
So, friends, tell me how have your reading tastes and habits have changed over the years?! 


  1. Hmmm, I never was into contemporary YA. All the high school drama was just too much drama for me LOL. I'll read it once in a while, but I'm very picky on the authors or stories. Good thing nowadays, we have NA :)

    I read a lot of contemporary romance :) That, with UF and a pinch of mystery. What I found I read less nowadays is historical. I was never a big fan to start with, but didn't have a choice to start reading historical because there were just so much on the market... but yeah, can't do it anymore ^_^;

    Ha, I find it funny you don't lend your books! I'm not a pristine reader, so my books while in good condition are not in perfect condition... so I don't mind lending books out. Of course, if something really bad happens, my friends just buy a new copy LOL

  2. Nath,

    Yes, I know you've never been keen on Contemp YA. I still enjoy a few here and there, like Mosquitoland that I recently read but, in general, I've moved away from the genre.

    I'm not big on historical either but I do read some when I hear amazing thing and usually end up enjoying them. Does my love of the Outlander series negate this whole, I don't read historicals thing?! :)

    My close friends don't even bother asking to borrow books anymore. Although, I don't really buy many books these days. On a tight budget since the job I got after being laid off was a huge pay cut. Thank god for libraries....said the librarian. :)


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