Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Lightening Reviews

I had some things I wanted to say about the following books but not enough to come up with two whole posts, so I figured they were good candidates for another round of Lightening Reviews!

Lover Eternal by J.R. Ward

As most of you know I'm "re-reading" the Black Dagger Brotherhood via audio books. I've always enjoyed Rhage in other books he's sexy and a smartass, I love it! But listening to his book I realized how little we saw of his funny personality. Since we get his POV we see that there's more to the brother than just snarky one liners and a never ending supply of movie quotes. But what I didn't like about Lover Eternal was the complete lack of his personality at all. I don't remember noticing that before but he nary made a wisecrack or joke the whole book. I know he didn't have a lot to joke about what with the curse and his ill human mate and all but I'd liked to have seen a bit more of his humor. I also loved how Mary deals with both Rhage and his beast. Taming the thing when no one else dared, even the other brothers. Mary's kind of a bad ass! ;)

As usual, I love Ward's books because of the multiple story lines. We're introduced to John Matthew in Lover Eternal, we also get more of Z and Bella as we're set up for their story in Lover Awakened. While Lover Eternal isn't my favorite BDB book, (that's a tie between Lover Awakened and Lover Mine) I did enjoy it this second time around!


Abandon the Night by Joss Ware

This third installment of Ware's post-apocalyptic series is, I'm sad to say, my least favorite so far. Which is a shame because I really loved the interactions between Quent and Zoe in the previous books. Quent's frustration with Zoe's actions mirrored my own. I like that she's such a strong kick ass heroine but her constant abandonment of Quent grated on my nerves.

I felt really bad for Quent in this book. Zoe bolted every chance she could get, even when she was doing what she thought was right, she really showed a lack of trust and faith in Quent and I felt it got pretty old. However, I continue to enjoy the series for Ware's world building. This series reminds me a lot of The Walking Dead, which I'm also loving! All in all a good addition to the series, even if it wasn't my favorite.



  1. Never heard of this series, but I like the sound of it. Great speedy reviews, Mollie! :)

  2. @Hey Melissa which series hadn't you heard of? The Envy Chronicals? They're good! I like them a lot but I LOVE apocalyptic/post-apocalyptic stuff, and add romance to it...SOLD! :D

  3. I don't think I could be any more in love with the BDB. It's ridiculous. You're right about Rhage lacking some humor in his story, I hope we get some of that in the short with their baby struggles:) JM and Z are my favorite parts of Lover Eternal, I love those boys bigtime! Loved these short reviews Mollie!

  4. @Jenny, I know, I'm LOVING re-reading them. I'm quite enamored with the brothers! Lover Unleashed feels like it's FOREVER away. Sigh. After I finish listening to Lover Awakened, I'm taking a break from BDB and "re-reading" the Fever series via audio! :)


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