Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Eclipse First Impressions

Saw Eclipse last night at midnight. I really wasn't too excited for it. Had to work today, knew I'd be super tired. Wasn't sure the movie would be worth it.

For the record I really disliked Twilight when I first saw it. I could. not. stand. Kristen Stewa
rt. I thought the acting was atrocious. Felt New Moon was a step in the right direction but still had quite a few irksome things.

Really enjoyed Eclipse. I should probably preface this "review" with the fact that it's been years since I last read Eclipse. I don't recall all the specifics from the book, so I can't speak to how close they stuck to the book. However, there were several scenes that I know they got right.

Anyway here are my initial impressions on Eclipse as posted via Twitter this morning:

Eclipse impressions #1 Acting - Gets better and better! K Stewart = less annoying, Rpatz= less creepy, Taylor Lautner = best part of movie!

Eclipse Impressions #2: Cullens - all look slightly less weird. Except for Emmett, what did they do to his hair?!

Eclipse Impressions # 3: Sparkles - Minimal

Eclipse Impressions # 4: Edwards Hair - Sans rats nest!
(In response to @kmont
's comment: Maybe they thought it was time for Edward's hair to get a little competition? A hair-off?)

Eclipse Impressions # 5: TEAM JACOB. Seriously Jacob was fab in this movie.

Tara of 25 Hour Books also posted her thoughts on the movie. She said it stuck really close to the book. I also agree with liking the flashbacks/back stories on the Cullen's (I also liked the tribe history too!). I thought the first 2 movies when they did flashback they were a little ridiculous. These were more well done.

Overall, the best in the movie franchise so far, IMHO.


  1. I'm going to see it tonight. But yeah, I wasn't too keen on going...but I saw all the other ones in the theater.

    K's breathing really annoyed me in the first two movies. She does a spluttering, gasping thing that just IRKS me. LOL

  2. Her breathing, her lip biting, and in New Moon her weirdo sleeping position with her arms annoyed the piss outta me. She really didn't bother me in this movie though! Hope you enjoy it! You'll have to share your thoughts!

  3. Ugh, both Jacob and Bella get on my effing nerves in this book so I wonder how it's going to be for this movie. We'll see.

    I'm glad to see that you enjoyed it though. I'm loving all of these movies coming out this week though.

  4. I know Jacob annoyed a lot of people in that book, not me. I was always kinda Team Jacob!

    Bella annoys the piss outta me in EVERY book. Honestly, I'm not even sure WHY I like the books, I despise Bella so much....oh right, Jacob and Edward.

    I'll be anxious to hear what you thought of the movie!

    Hope you enjoyed The Last Airbender.

  5. I wrote a long-winded review on the movie over at MKR. KStew still irritates me, but it wasn't as bad this time around. Maybe because I was so hyper-focused on all the hotttt males surrounding her? I dunno. I might be taking my #SmutClub role a bit too seriously. LOL

    I was happy that Jacob wasn't such a douche in the movie the way he was in the book. I <3 Jacob.

  6. I arrived a little late to the Twilight series, so I have seen all the movies but haven't read any of the books (which is something I plan to do before the next movie comes out). I am Team Edward all the way because I love a man who knows how to romance the shoes and socks off a woman. Even so, I was glad that Jacob stopped being such a Grade A wuss-bucket in Eclipse.

    I took my mom to the movies with me even though she isn't really into sci-fi/paranormal stuff, and I couldn't stop laughing at her comments. By the middle of the movie, she gave an exasperated sign and said, "Would they just bite her a** already!" I tell ya... she could make a sailor blush! Lol.


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