Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Unwritten Rule by Elizabeth Scott

I figured since this was the only book I finished in March (le sigh), I better get my review up!

I've loved Scott's books since my very first introduction with Bloom, which up until now was my favorite. But I can officially say that The Unwritten Rule is now my favorite Elizabeth Scott book. While there's nothing terribly unique about the story line:

Somewhat shy, insecure girl likes the nerdy boy turned hottie over the summer. Insert gorgeous, snotty best friend who takes sudden interest in newly hot nerd-boy resulting in an instant love triangle!

What is unique, is Scott's ability to write characters that are complex and turn a familiar plot-line into something exceptional. For example, Scott wrote the "gorgeous, snotty best friend", Brianna, in such a way that while you know she's the "villain" of the story, you can't help but feel sorry for her because of her family life. Meanwhile, while you're rooting for the main protagonist, Sarah, you're also frustrated with her for letting Brianna walk all over her and for not TAKING ACTION when it comes to Ryan.

I'm always a little concerned with this storyline, if an author fails to make readers empathize with the protagonist, then she's just becomes "that girl" that's after her best friend's boyfriend. However, Scott effectively demonstrates Sarah's efforts to be happy for her friend and avoid Ryan. Leaving the reader rooting for her to ditch the bitch and get her man!

Scott, with The Unwritten Rule and its hidden yearnings, stolen kisses, friendship, and first love, has hit the mark!


Disclosure: I checked this book out from the library. I did not receive any compensation for this review.


  1. Sounds cute :D I can relate with the heroine being kind of walked over ^_^; It's really hard sometimes to take action.

  2. It is often hard to take action but in this case the reader KNOWS Ryan likes Sarah but the stupid self absorbed friend is ruining everything! ;) So it makes it more frustrating because you want to shake her and say he likes YOU not HER!

  3. Aww, this sounds so good! Unfortunately, my library doesn't have it. The jerks. They don't even have Bloom. I'll try out what they do have of hers though. Thanks for bringing her to my attention. :P

  4. Ames, she's a comparable author to Sarah Dessen. Well all of her books except Living Dead Girl, which is a lot darker and pretty intense.

  5. Thank you for writing this great review! This sounds like a really fun read! Reading your review was like talking with a friend - so candid! I loved it :-)

    I have an award for you! Check it out here:

  6. Wow thank you for the award! How nice of you. Thank you for stopping by!

  7. Great review! I loved this one too. I haven't read Bloom yet but I did read Perfect You which is the first Elizabeth Scott book I read. I also read Living Dead Girl which was very different.

    I found your blog through your message on YALSA-bk and decided to become a follower. I look forward to reading your future posts.

  8. Christina,

    Thanks for stopping by! I've added your blog to my Google Reader and next time I update my blogroll I'll be sure to add it as well!

    Yes, Living Dead Girl was pretty intense. I thought the threads on YALSA-bk regarding it were interesting. Espeically the difference in how adults and teens interpereted the ending!

  9. Here you are, I wondered where you went! I want to read this book so bad. It's on my TBB list, thanks for the review sweetie!

  10. Wena,

    Yes, I've been absent for awhile. But I'm back! :)

    I really liked this one, I'm sure you'll enjoy it! So excited about your new YA blog! :D

  11. Thanks sweets, I need to hurry up. I feel a trip to the bookstore coming on this weekend. =) I'm glad to see that you're back!


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