Friday, March 19, 2010

RT Booklovers Convention: Enjoying Ohio's Capital City - Resturants

Nath emailed me the other day to see if I was going to the RT's BookloverConvention this year since it's in Columbus (where I live!). However, I don't have the $350 librarian fee in my budget. Though, I am thinking about checking out the huge book fair, which will only set me back $5!

Anyway I think Nath and I are going to try to get together to do some book shopping around C-bus! I'm excited, I've never met any of my blogger buddies so it should be fun. I was also compiling a list of local restaurants and other
sights for Nath while she's in town. I'm sure there's plenty of events at the Convention to keep folks busy but surely they'll wanna venture out and experience some of what Columbus offers right?

So for those of you who want some suggestions from a Columbus native on where to eat here are my suggestions. Most of the restaurants I've listed are all within walking distance of the Hyatt Regency (the Convention site). The Regency is located at the corner of High Street & Nationwide Boulevard. Pretty much everything I reference will be North of the Regency on High St.

If it's nice out, I would highly recommend walking around the downtown area, not trying to drive. As in most other big cities, parking in downtown Columbus is a total pain in the ass. The Nationwide Arena and all the "Arena District" restaurants are literally across the street from the Regency. North of the Convention site lies some of the best restaurants, shops, and art galleries in Columbus in an area called The Short North (also the mecca of gay life in Columbus). Other great areas near downtown Columbus include Italian Village & German Village.

And of course North of downtown is The Ohio State University, my alma mater, home of the Ohio State Buckeyes! Obviously I'm a little biased and would suggested a stroll through campus! :)

Without further ado here are a list of some places to check out while you're in Columbus!

High Street (All North of the Regency):

Arena District
(Across the street from the Regency)

(Not within walking distance)

Non-High Street (Not within walking distance)

One event I do want to mention is the Short North Gallery Hop. I know Conference events will probably keep everyone busy but I would definitely take a stroll down to the Short North on Saturday, May 1st to experience the Gallery Hop. Here's a blurb about the Hop:

Every first Saturday, thousands of visitors converge on the strip to see new art exhibits and add to their growing collections. With dozens of galleries and non-traditional exhibit spaces, it’s Columbus’ favorite night of the month to celebrate art. Though many shops are open earlier, the Gallery Hop officially starts at 4PM and runs to 10PM with restaurants and bars staying open considerably later. -Short

You'd be able to walk a little North of the Regency and be in the Short North for the Hop. The Short North Business Association's website has a downloadable walking tour (you don't have to sign-in they're on the right-hand side) of the area. Or you can view it on their website here.

As you can see this list is mostly recommendations of restaurants. However, if people are interested, I can do a post on shopping (have some great malls in Columbus!), or local bookstores & their locations, or additional sights to see! Just leave comments about what you might be interested in learning, from a native, about Ohio's Capital City!


  1. LOL, thank you so much Mollie :D It sounds great and very nice picture of of Columbus!!

    What's your favorite place to eat? And yes, definitively going book shopping with you :D and I'm looking forward to see you at the book signing!!

  2. Even though I'm not going this year, that's super sweet of you for posting together a little guide like that. Good stuff Mollie!

  3. This is awesome! I'm printing it up for our gang!

  4. This is great! Thanks for putting it together.

  5. For those of you interested I've also done a post on local bookstores if anyone will be interested in doing some additional book shopping!


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